Founded in 2019, KetogenX is loved and owned by a couple from Perth, Western Australia.

Starting out as Keto-ers we found it quite difficult to source good quality Ketogenic products and when we did, they weren't available from one company or one country. That's where the idea to provide a one-stop Keto shop began, and we're just getting started!

The Keto diet involves low carbohydrates, moderate protein + high healthy fats. Originally used to treat illness such as Epilepsy, the benefits of the Keto lifestyle are too good to pass up.

|  Improved cognitive health  |

|  Improved metabolism  |

|  Balanced hormonal health  |

|  Reduced appetite  |

|  Reduced risk of chronic disease  |

​​Our passion drives us and we believe in quality over quantity. We test each product we sell for quality. We do our very best to avoid artificial products and stock the best of the best.

Our launch of our own product range was born in 2020. We're very fussy with our ingredients and created our own range of clean Keto products to share with you all!

Join us in the Keto movement and enjoy your journey to fuelling your mind and body through a complete lifestyle change.​ It'll be the best f**king decision you've ever made.

Check out our online store and get in touch with any questions or requests!

Jeff & Karina



So long high carbs, pre-workouts, fatigue + bloat.
Hello improved sustainable energy, workouts and mental clarity.

I've always been quite an active person, eating a 'relatively healthy' diet... and by 'relatively healthy' I mean I would try to eat better where possible but the majority of my meals naturally contained high carbohydrates. Growing up in a European family that love fresh bread, pasta and rice with almost every meal is a very hard environment to avoid. On top of going to bed with a bloated stomach most nights from the food I was constantly consuming, I would still train most mornings at my local gym always supplemented by the latest and greatest pre-workouts. There was no way I could train at 5am without some artificial chemically charged stimulant! 

After years of eating the same food, feeling the same heaviness at night, consuming the same pre-workouts, crashing and fatiguing, I clearly wasn't getting much in results physically and mentally. I decided I was finally in the right mindset for a lifestyle change. 

Enter the Ketogenic diet.

Since switching my mindset to improve my energy levels naturally with the bonus of weight-loss, I've been able to stick to a low carbohydrate, low sugar and high healthy fat diet. I've also not touched a pre-workout since beginning the Keto diet and haven't felt the need to once. My training is still 5am most mornings, running purely on the nutritional energy the Keto diet provides. 



How good is this Keto sh*t


Since adapting to the Keto lifestyle it has changed my life. I'm a plumber from Perth and like most people these days I suffered from not having enough energy to get me through the day-to-day. I ate 'healthy' food but it was mostly carb based. This started me on a journey to find something better and one day I found the Keto diet. Straight away this diet made sense to me, high quality meats, healthy fats and organic veggies. It reminded me of what I used to eat growing up on the farm in Kojonup.

After about two weeks of adjustment and figuring out all of the kinks, I was hooked. Stable energy all day, fat burning and amazing endurance during workouts.

What's not to love?!